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Welcome to Try Healthy

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Try Healthy is a company dedicated to your health. Through the means of nutrition, exercise and consultancy, we can give you a method of providing a dedicated, thorough and personal approach to health care.

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Starting Try Healthy

My name is Ayesha and I started Try Healthy because to put it simply I love helping people and seeing them succeed! My main values in life are family, education and health & fitness. It makes me happy to see people becoming fitter and healthier through education.


Pregnant Ayesha and Ayeshya and Tavia healthI am a mum so I know what it is like to have spent 9 months growing a baby, putting on weight and trying to look after yourself only to then have to look after not just yourself but another human being that deprives you of sleep and sanity! Oh, and lose the weight that you spent 9 months


 putting on! (It has taken me nearly 2 years to do this!) The picture on the right  is me 7 months pregnant, I put on over 4 stone through the whole pregnancy! The tiger is my lovely little girl and me now!

Me & Dieting

Let me tell you a little bit more about myself and why I think know I can help you achieve your health, fitness and life goals!

As a naturally lazy person, I have never had a perfect BMI (Body Mass Index). I like cake! Nevertheless I have spent most of my adult life trying to combat these things. As a child/teenager I was active; swimming (I still regularly teach at KS Swim School) , netball, cheerleading, sports studies, etc. Yet, I was still overweight. My first diet was at 9 years old; Atkins, my relationship with food was not good. Dieting only making it worse. I felt like I was always being punished for being fat. I saw food as a comfort and as a teenager I would come home from school, make myself a meal and still have another meal with my parents when they got in from work. My parents never knew this. I would hide my eating a lot!

I tried juicing diets, the maple syrup diet, trying to eat healthy diet?! Whatever I could find, sometimes I lost a bit of weight but not much and it didn’t last. Sometimes I felt bad for what I had eaten so made myself sick.

I finally started getting control over my eating when I started to look into why I was eating. I discovered (with help) that most of the time I was either bored or lonely. I made motivation boards that I stuck on the kitchen cupboards, I started learning more about exercise and nutrition. I went to university and studied Sports science and exercise practice, also gaining my personal training qualification. I wrote out exercise plans and set myself goals. Now don’t get me wrong there were hurdles along the way, still, I persevered. I even go into the kitchen, to this day, look for something to eat and then realise… I’m not hungry, just bored or lonely!

Work Life

When I began to work as a health mentor (after three years of study at the University of Bedfordshire) and personal trainer (REPs Level 3) in a big gym corporation that’s when the motivation really kicked in. Seeing other people that came in and pushed themselves made me push myself to be the best I could. I saw a nutritional therapist who helped me fix my IBS, headaches and insomnia (removing wheat and dairy from my diet along with a few supplements). I helped other people achieve their goals, and loved seeing their success!

Then I told myself and my partner; “if I can get into a size 10 pair of jeans then we can start trying for a baby.” A few months later and a trip to the shops led to a baby! I had my beautiful baby girl and yes the weight piled on. I’m sure most of you know that with pregnancy we are pre-dispositioned to put on weight and that is what my body did. Later I found out that I had hyperinsulemia whilst pregnant which meant I was always hungry and my blood glucose always low. I now know that if I become pregnant again then I need to follow a Ketogenic diet. (Please get in touch if you want to know more about ketogenesis.) However, as soon as I had Octavia my blood glucose returned to normal and with motivation and effort I got the weight off.

Working with pre-diabetic clients through the use of the Xpert Health programme, I learnt even more about nutrition. I supported my clients in their needs but this wasn’t enough, I knew I could give more but wasn’t able to in the establishment that I was working for. This is why Try Healthy was born!

What can I do for you?

Now I am ready to share with you what I have learnt. I’m not going to tell you to eat fish (I was told this by a nutritionist once, I hate fish, but she still insisted. In my own time I have recently learnt how to cook and eat white fish) or broccoli… unless you like them!? I’m not going to shout at you to run faster…unless you want me to?!. However, I am going to help you find your values and goals in life and help you get closer to achieving your goals and moving towards your values. Presumably, one of your life values is to be healthy or remove/prevent illness or injury. Whether it be high blood pressure, diabetes, heart problems, gout, stroke, weight loss or improvements in general health that you need help with. I can help you!

This is why I am offering you an exclusive chance to have one to one sessions with me, where we can talk about health and fitness and make goals that I WILL ensure that you stuck to. Having gone through injury and illness and come out stronger. I have understanding and sympathy but sometimes you will need a kick up the bum. Trust me I can do this too! By learning why you do things, breaking bad habits, and gaining knowledge around nutrition and exercise I can help you make a healthier you!

Remember, you will succeed with my help.


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