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£30 an hour with discounted sessions if bought in bulk

What can your health coach do for you?

What is a health coach?
Being a health coach is one of the most rewarding yet challenging jobs. We use many different techniques to enable our clients to fulfil their goals and get closer to their health & fitness values.

Training in nutritional knowledge and diet advice, the physical and mental side to exercise and of course the most important one motivation. We can help you to find and keep your motivation going. Some people really struggle with motivation, some just need a bit of information to get them started, whichever sort of person you are, we have a package to suit you. Have a read below about our packages on offer and get in touch by booking your free initial consultation.

Need to get yourself on a healthy kick? With the get started package you will receive a 90 day personalised workout and nutritional plan to begin with. You will have optional initial and post testing including; blood glucose, cholesterol, lactate, saliva pH, BMI, BMR, Body fat %, Body muscle %. This will enable us to get a good view of your current health and track changes that will occur with improvements in exercise and diet. You will also receive 2 hours a week of personal sessions whether this be personal training, nutrition consultations, cooking lessons, shopping trips, motivational interviews or just a chat to keep you on track.


If you feel you need a bit more support, in the keep me going plan you will receive the same as the get started plan but a little extra. The 90 day personalised workout and nutritional plan, initial and post testing and up to 5 hours a week of personal sessions. Some people need a little bit more help to keep going and we are here to be that helping hand.


In the total support plan, that’s what you get total support! Making changes can be hard, breaking habits of a lifetime is even harder so in this plan you will receive as above but you will be able to ask questions though text and email from 9am-9pm.


Everyone wants what is best for their family and being the best role model is offering your family the best! With the family plan you and your family will have a 90 day personalised workout and nutritional plan, initial and post testing and 2 hours a week of personal sessions.

£1500 for a Family of two
Additional £500 for every child, £600 for every adult

This one is for you if you are good with exercise but need some help with what you eat. We can give you some knowledge on actually healthy food, where you can buy said healthy food, how to cook it and even take you on shopping trips to learn expert advice on how to read a packaging label. Nutrition isn’t always straight forward but with our help we can guide you to what is best for you, catering for any allergies, intolerances or even finding any to help get you to your optimum health. We can accommodate to even the fussiest eaters!

£90 for a personalised 3 month nutrition plan
£45 per hour for further consultation after initial consultation

We can give you personalised training sessions in whichever discipline you desire. Having worked freelance and in a gym a range of activities can be used to give you the best workout to suit your needs. Whether you want a real workout to burn your muscles or if you just want to increase your calorie burn. We can offer cardiovascular and muscular workouts along-side yoga based sessions and flexibility.

£40 an hour
Discounted sessions if bought in bulk